Creed Fleurs de Gardenia (Review): A limited edition makes an encore.

Olivier Creed is once again releasing a limited edition in time for the holidays. This year, 2006′s Fleurs de Gardenia makes an encore appearance.

Olivier Creed is once again releasing a limited edition in time for the holidays. This year, 2006's Fleurs de Gardenia makes an encore appearance.

Creed Fleurs de Gardenia: A limited edition makes an encore.

My good friends at the Creed Boutique sent me a small care package and a handwritten note, confirming the rumor that a limited edition would once again make its way to American shores. Last year it was Feuille Verte, an incredible and verdant experience created by Olivier Creed as a limited edition in 2006. This year? Fleurs de Gardenia, another 2006 Olivier Creed limited edition. Two very different ends of the experience spectrum.

Fragrance Name:  Creed Fleurs de Gardenia

  • Release Date: 2006
  • PerfumerOlivier Creed
  • ConcentrationEau de Parfum
  • NotesTop — Peony, Orange, Italian Jasmine, Bulgarian rose, Iris from Florence; Heart — Miami Supreme Gardenias, Rare gardenias from Asia and French Polynesia; Base – Vanilla, Ambergris; Royal sandalwood from the City of Palaces in India (notes courtesy
  • Availability: Creed Boutique, slightly wider availability in 2013.

FdG Detail Creed Fleurs de Gardenia (Review): A limited edition makes an encore.Fleurs de Gardenia, as implied, is a floral, through and through. It begins with a very rich essence of rose and peony, jasmine and iris form a harmony behind the opening, with the orange as subtle as an orange blossom note in sheer fashion. When the heart begins to open, it transforms into that core note: Gardenia. Not an overwhelming gardenia reminiscent of Bond No. 9 Central Park West, but a rich and lovely aroma that meets the correct mark, neither too soft nor too pungent. The base in Fleurs de Gardenia simply enhances the overall theme, and it takes some time and wear to emerge and fully blossom.  The combination of vanilla, amber and sandalwood render a soft composition, letting the florals maintain the spotlight.

Again, this is floral through and through. Not woody, not spicy, not a citrus or an Oud or leather. It’s intended to be a richly floral experience, and on that point, it delivers with precision. Projection is mild and close to the skin, longevity is excellent, though Creed does tend to vary widely depending on the wearer. Simply put, this is a brilliant Creed creation and there’s little with which to find fault. My wife? She loved this, and admittedly she’s a major fan of gardenia, and it was precisely the right combination for her. But this is where the slope becomes slippery for most men and your mileage may vary.

Anyone who reads my site will understand my reticence to classify any fragrance by a gender. If Sean Connery can wear Guerlain Jicky, and countless men find that scents ranging from Spiritueuse Double Vanille to Chanel No 5 work well for them, why judge whether Fleurs de Gardenia is masculine or feminine? In the case of Jicky, it’s less floral and augmented with leather, woods and rich spices. Number 5? More woods, vetiver and aldehydic elements. Fleurs de Gardenia? Pure floral. So any guy wearing Fleurs de Gardenia needs to sample it, let it settle into skin, wear it for a day, and make a decision: Rather than gender suitable, is it ‘personality suitable’?  Does it express their style and character eloquently? That said…

Olivier CREED 300x199 Creed Fleurs de Gardenia (Review): A limited edition makes an encore.

Rating: 4.25/5. Highly Recommended.

Bottom-Line:  This is a fragrance that is brilliant for a special occasion, and one that I’d actually wear. While not something I would recommend as a day-to-day — after all, it is a limited edition — it is a warm, comforting floral, exceptionally well-done, luxurious, authentic, lush.  It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Olivier Creed, and a great testament to his legacy. It’s an edition you’ll want to collect, though for different reasons than Feuille Verte.

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