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Creed Feuille Verte: A preview.

  There are a couple of bigger news items from our friends at Creed.  They’ve provided me a sampling of the now re-released Feuille Verte, […]

There are a couple of bigger news items from our friends at Creed.  They’ve provided me a sampling of the now re-released Feuille Verte, as well as their 250th Anniversaire fragrance (more on that later).  Both are due for release on November 1st.

creed feuille verte Creed Feuille Verte: A preview.Feuille Verte is a wider release of the limited edition that Olivier Creed produced in 2006, and it’s fair to suggest it has that Creed “X-Factor” that lets you know just by smelling that ‘this is a Creed’.  That isn’t something easily ascribed to words but more an olfactory feeling I would attribute to a Green Irish Tweed or the like.  You simply know that it’s part of the house, and especially Olivier’s masterwork.

I knew this was going to re-emerge some months ago, and it was suggested that it would be almost a terrific blind-buy given my other preferences in their line.  As suggested by its title as translated from French — green leaf — this is a very natural and deep scent that rolls jasmine against oakmoss with a hint of Bulgarian rose to lighten up the combination.  Mandarin Orange and Lime begin at the top, though both are very subtle and transition nicely into the hear notes vanilla rounds out the heart notes.

The overall composition is exquisite.  Even if you are not a fan of “green” fragrances, this could be a scent that will change your opinion and has the capacity for becoming a classic.  Personally, I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Bulgarian Rose, but its pairing with oakmoss in the heart is so artistic and well-executed that I could view myself wearing this without reservation. The jasmine absolute at the base helps to lend clarity to the overall experience. This is a scent that you envision as being both what we’ve come to expect of Creed, but exemplary of a more vaunted status. To bring this into their regular selection was the right decision.  And yes, despite what the notes told me, it would have been an excellent blind-buy as an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Rating: 4.75/5.  Highly recommended.  Again, it’s something that you should sample and enjoy when released. I’ll let you be the judge of whether you’ll become among the converted.

Now, onto the 250th Anniverasaire Fragrance:  It will be called Royal Service, and I’ve also had the opportunity to give this a fair wearing.  This is a universal fragrance – more light and floral notes, definitely unisex, but in my view skewed more toward a feminine wearing as the projection and feeling evoked is somewhat more ethereal in nature and perhaps not something as geared to a men’s profile. Without spoiling the plot, I’ll simply say that it fits the profile of a Silver Mountain Water more than seeming slanted toward a heritage Creed.

I’ll provide a more thorough review as the release date approaches.

10/19/11 – 16:30:  Some additional information was provided late yesterday on which was too late to meet the publication deadline for this post.  Here’s the short detail, with more attributable in the link.

The fragrance will retail for $1,750 per bottle (our sources weren’t far off pricing when they said $1800), and there will only be 300 copies made in a limited release. Expect Creed retailers to have it the first week of November, with second-sources (Neiman-Marcus, etc.) to have it for the Holiday shopping season.

We’ve already sampled it. The article alludes to the fragrance being unisex, but the notes are taken from a variety of existing Creed releases.  It might be considered Unisex if you prefer a very light fragrance, but rather than provide a spoiler here, we’ll post a more thorough review in the next several days.  Stay tuned!

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