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Here is your source for finding news and information on fragrance from around the Web. uses these pages to provide important updates, links to other news stories, videos, and pertinent information of interest.

For easy categorization, we’ve broken these into the following categories:

  • For the most recent feed of news on fragrances from around the Web, start with our News Page.
  • For a list of YouTube review links, updated at various times, see our On The Tube Page.
  • For a listing of various noteworthy and updated fragrances sites, including review sites, see the On The Web page.

Each of these will provide a ready reference that you can use to quickly get a feed of stories. In addition, you can also follow @Scentrist on Twitter to get updates that we’ve posted from We also recommend that you ‘Like‘ our Facebook Page, since it provides additional content on a frequent basis that isn’t shown on, including hand-picked items of interest, all of which are related to fragrance.

You can also check our on-line Paper, Scentrist Daily. It’s updated nightly at 9PM Eastern Time. This includes stories scoured around the Web that you might not find elsewhere on several items of interest.

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