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  Byredo Seven Veils:  This one is apparently so new that Byredo hasn’t had a chance to update its website to reflect it, but it’s […]

Byredo Seven Veils:  This one is apparently so new that Byredo hasn’t had a chance to update its website to reflect it, but it’s arrived by way of Barneys New York and Liberty London.  The fragrance is described as more of an oriental, but since we haven’t had an opportunity to even sample it, we’ll say more once we’ve put our hands on a bottle.  Reviews to come.

Le Labo City Exclusives, outside the cities:  So you’ve been looking for Le Labo Tuberose 40, but don’t live in New York.  No problem. LuckyScent will be offering each of the city-specific fragrances during the month of November only, so even those not living near NoLita can pick up the London, Chicago, LA, New York, Dallas, Paris and Tokyo fragrances for a limited time — something you can’t do via even Le Labo’s own website.  So if you’re curious, you can order the samples now to be ready for November.

Blood Concept: While we’re on the topic of LuckyScent for a moment, they are among the few offering the fragrances of the new Blood Concept line, currently being represented by Intertrade Europe.  The inspiration of Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli — two people formerly out of the interactive and agency space, Zuddas being a former copy writer and Castelli an art director — the 4 fragrances come packaged in EDP and Parfum strengths are branded as (yes, you guessed it) the four blood types (A, B, AB, and O).  A 40ml sizing is packaged in a small dropper bottle, the 60ml EDP in a small atomizer.  Samples are available from LS for purchase for all except type O.

Clever marketing, and we’re just curious enough that we might bite on the samples for review to determine if it’s truly ‘bottle-worthy’ or simply a great piece of marketing hype.  Keep watching…

Hermes Santal Massoia: Jean-Claude Ellena has added to the Hermessence collection with the production of Santal Massoia. In EDT strength as are all scents in the Hermessence line, the notes include Sandalwood, coconut milk, massoia wood resins, dried fruits and sugar. This seems to align well with the line in terms of numbers of focal ingredients and a potentially linear composition. General availability is slated for November.

Creed News: My sources tell me that we should expect a re-issue of Feuille Verte in November, availability will be to first line Creed Boutiques and second-sources sometime afterward.  The long reputed women’s-only composition will still be long awaited — it’s been pushed back until sometime in 2012. In its place, however, will be something referred to as a “250-year Anniversary Special Edition”, which will be limited to only 1,000 copies, all personally signed by Olivier and Erwin Creed, possibly representing the passing of the torch to the 8th generation of the family dynasty. Price will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $2000.

I suppose that knocks the wind from Clive Christian’s claim of having “the world’s most expensive perfume”.

Creed is mum on other details. This is likely to be the sole domain of very serious collectors only, though given the sparse availability of certain recent Creeds these days (where art thou, Spice & Wood), rarity seems a recurring theme.

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  • Michael Devine

    Great info here Andrew! I’ve been really enjoying your blog as I catch up on past postings. That Fueille Verte is calling out to me. I’m expecting the $605 price tag we have seen lately on exclusive flacons like Windsor. Guess I better start saving…

    Keep up the great work. We appreciate what you’re doing here.