News Updates: 10/14/11

  News Updates — New York (10/14/11 8:15PM): Bond No. 9 New York Amber arrives!  You read it here first, and it’s now official! Bond […]

News Updates — New York (10/14/11 8:15PM):

Bond No 9 NY Amber 231x300 News Updates: 10/14/11Bond No. 9 New York Amber arrives!  You read it here first, and it’s now official! Bond No. 9 has announced the release of New York Amber earlier today in this notice on their Blog as well as Facebook, confirming the speculation we originally raised from the bottle’s appearance at TFWA last month.  Availability — again, as we suspected, is in time for the Holidays on November 1st.  Watch our pages for a review.

Bond describes the composition as a Pure Perfume formulation. However, a quick comparison of the ingredients reveals a bit of production line efficiency mixed in with the marketing: It’s essentially the same fragrance as Harrods Amber! Slight changes to the bottle and slight changes to the marketing copy, and Voila! Suddenly, New York Amber is delivered. Admittedly, this dashes our initial excitement and anticipation, especially coupled with the $20 premium on the 100 ml bottle ($30 on the 50 ml).

If you’re in New York and near Bond’s boutiques on Madison Ave or in NoHo, try the comparison of the two yourself and let us know what you think.

Hey, at least they didn’t name their Oud after Dubai before bringing it to New York.

Dior Patchouli Imperial News Updates: 10/14/11La Collection Privee Christian Dior: The latest news on the Dior Exclusives front started with trying to get a release date for Patchouli Imperiale. The Collection Privee fragrances were once available for Web ordering from, but I’ve confirmed that they’ve recently disabled all on-line purchasing for this collection. Not just Patchouli Imperiale, but all eleven scents have been pulled from the web shopping cart. I know people have been scouring the Web wondering how they now can acquire it, so here’s the story:  Dior is referring its customers to their Las Vegas boutique for ordering and shipping, but it is also available in the New York boutique.  Both will ship the fragrance as an order.

While this is definitely a niche/boutique line, it’s becoming a much smaller niche. And that may be a shame for the Patchouli fragrance, since it’s gained very good reviews. If you want to chance a blind-buy, you can contact the Las Vegas boutique at 702-734-1102, or the New York Boutique on 57th near Madison, 212-931-2950.  Pricing is 125ml for $150, 250ml for $225, plus shipping.

Karl Lagerfeld Kaleidoscope: The enigmatic and always odd Karl Lagerfeld has launched Kaleidoscope, a fragrance targeted for women, and to be sold exclusively in Sephora stores in Europe.  No word yet on US availability.  Christophe Reynaud is the perfumer of what is described as a “floral oriental”, focusing on a heart of violets. Other notes include Angelica seed, heliotrope, and freesia, along with base notes of musk, patchouli, benzoin and tonka bean.  (My bet is on a Holiday release in the US).

Chanel Jersey: Please don’t think about “The Real Housewives” or “Snooki”, but Chanel has released it’s latest women’s scent, Jersey. Not named for the state, thank you very much, but for Coco Chanel’s favorite fabric, the fragrance will be part of their Les Exclusifs de Chanel line.  Perfumer Jacques Poige was the creator, and key notes include vanilla, musk, lavender and other florals and green notes. Availability is likely to be high-end retail, the only strength is EDT.

John Varvatos STAR USA:  Appealing to a younger (teens to late 20′s male) demographic, Varvatos’ new fragrance STAR USA is described as a “fresh yet playful” fragrance.  Notes include red ginger, juniper berries, green cardamom, blue spruce, vetiver, Sicilian cedrat, Osmanth absolute, and Tonka Bean — this is sounding a bit like a bowl of Lucky Charms, what was the demographic again?  It’s available as an EDT and expected to hit mass-market shelves imminently.  Nonetheless, the notes themselves seem an interesting enough combination to warrant a future test, so stay tuned.

bubblegum chic News Updates: 10/14/11Bubblegum Chic: If you suspected I’d end this update on an odd note, score yourself an extra point. James Heeley’s line has expanded by three new fragrances, one unisex and two feminine:  Bubblegum Chic seems the most interesting of the lot not only for the title but the cheesy PR wording surrounding it.  Available worldwide beginning November 1, the ingredients in the ad copy read as follows:

extract of glamour, pink, passion, lips, mouth, soft, warmth, sparkle, appetite, forbidden, fun, fatale, fruit, desire, smile, sweet, skin, shining, intoxicate, omnivorous, insatiable girls.

Sorry, this sounds like bad promotional porn rather than creative copy writing. If any adventurous soul wants to give this a sampling after reading that, please let us know.

And yes…the picture is intentional so that you didn’t think I was joking.

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  • Mike Devine

    Andrew, I did a side-by-side wearing of NY Amber and Harrods Amber and yup, they’re pretty much the same. I didn’t even notice a difference in strength or projection. I think it was re-branded to be sold in Saks as, of course, you couldn’t sell something in Saks that said Harrods. Good stuff though, really like this one with either label.

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