Who is The Scentrist?

Who is The Scentrist?

Welcome to Scentrist.com!

scentrist Who is The Scentrist?This site is less of a story about me, but more the story of one man’s pursuit of and passion for fragrance. In case you were wondering “Who is The Scentrist”, I’ve been a collector and connoisseur of fragrance for about 30 years, learning what I’ve liked and disliked over time, and tending to understand subtle nuances. By no means is this site a textbook-oriented approach or scientific study of perfumery, but an enjoyment and appreciation for the craftsmanship that I’ve wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy Scentrist.com, and encourage your feedback. Write me!

My views on fragrance are probably more unique in that I’m not a casual wearer of scent, nor am I the sort of guy for whom you purchase the English Leather Christmas gift set (I’ve gotten a number of these over time, all sent with the most sincere intentions). My tastes run more toward ‘quality over popularity’ and ‘substance over style’.

The result of that?  When you look through the site, you may see reviews geared more towards the “niche-market” fragrances: those with a lower market-penetration threshold, or those at a different price point as comparable to their level of quality.  While those are not the only criteria for what I believe to be a “good” or “great” fragrance, they’re among many differentiators.  I focus on providing visibility toward quality, craftsmanship, and the artistry/chemistry of perfumery rather than sheer mass-marketing.  You may see things you didn’t know about, and if I’ve shown something new that people enjoy, find unique, and most importantly like, then I’ve accomplished a goal.

My other life (I do other things aside from reviewing fragrances)

In addition to my hobby, I’m also a lifelong technology professional and project management practitioner for over the past 20+ years.  In 2009 I published my first book on the subject entitled “(Not) PMO-in-a-Can: Pragmatic Management of Strategic Objectives”.  For more information on the book, please check out the link below where you can purchase a copy…

…as well as on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets worldwide.  For those maintaining credentials, the book is worth up to 15 professional development units under the self-directed learning category that PMI provides, so it’s the most inexpensive investment you’ll make in maintaining your certification.  And you might just learn something.

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I currently work for a large multi-national financial concern (which will remain nameless and not referenced on this site) as a Chief-of-Staff/PMO-Portfolio Manager.  It’s a job I enjoy and find rewarding, and a place where I both have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and work with talented professionals.  I’m fortunate in being someone who truly enjoys his work.

This is everything about me that you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask and now you know why.  Aren’t you glad I finished this page?  I’m a lifelong technologist, an author, a theorist, a decent cook, independently minded, ethical and thought-provoking.  And I’m a fragrance aficionado and fanatic!