About Scentrist…

About Scentrist…

What is Scentrist.com

scentrist About Scentrist...It occurred to me recently that I’ve had our site up for more than two years now, and never once explained our purpose. Long overdue, this is the story and genesis of Scentrist.com.

Our background:

Some time ago, I recognized that there wasn’t a good source for reviews and information about fragrances that was written from the point of view of a regular guy. Men think differently. Men are very basic in nature and focus more on facts than feelings. The way we shop, our buying behaviors, and why we want what we want is a much different perspective than that of a woman.

Unfortunately, fragrance blogs written by/for women were what existed largely, but nothing someone like me would find useful or interesting. And that isn’t because I’m so unique, but because I’ve spoken with guys over the years and have a good sense of what will work in a written format. And what doesn’t.

Since it didn’t exist, I created it. That’s the “why we do this”, but not the “what we do”.

We push boundaries. We stretch beyond the normal comfort zone of most sites. We’re candid, direct, and we don’t pull punches. This means that we’re willing to speak our minds, and that might not be everyone’s taste. In fact, we know it isn’t, and we know we aren’t the darlings of any so-called “fragrance community”. Thank Heavens!

We don’t write toward the critical acclaim of a very small section of people whom we’ll call “perfumistas” or the perfume-obsessed. We write for the average guy who is interested in scent, wants more information, is trying to branch out and expand or upgrade the fragrance segment of their wardrobes. To them we extend a warm welcome, but that only scratches the surface.

We know a large contingent of our readership are women as well — and they have their reasons that range from “looking for a scent for a special man in their lives” to “understanding that fragrance transcends a ‘male vs. female’ marketing label”. Men could take a cue from the women who read and engage with our site and content as their feedback might be useful too.

What we don’t do is pander. When we talk about a fragrance — perfume, cologne, scent, whatever term suits you — we attempt to speak intelligently without either insulting our readers or seeming aloof. After all, it’s difficult getting information that’s accurate and honest, and no one wants to feel as if they’re excluded from the conversation.

Part of our “no pandering stance” is a very tight editorial policy. Perfumers submitting their products for a review understand that they’ll see an honest assessment of our experience. Sometimes that’s positive, others not. We don’t play “kiss the ugly frog” with our assessment of a product. We also shy away from presenting a review with a product give-away. When products are offered, they are at the sole discretion of the perfumer desiring to present that opportunity to our readers, not an implication of our approval. Under no circumstances is a perfumer required to “give away a promotional product” to be considered for publication. We’ve seen the practice on other blogs, and firmly believe it’s disingenuous to the reader and the perfumer.

Scentrist.com provides our clear assessment of a product, and we understand that our opinion may differ from that of others. While any perfume or fragrance magazine/blog/e-zine is subjective by its nature, our objective is to explain why we feel as we do about any product so that our readers can be informed. While we may occasionally offer a product to a randomly selected recipient, it should not imply an endorsement. Period.

We also differentiate ourselves by being a not-for-profit enterprise. We make no profit from the website and view this as a public service. You will see no intrusive advertising, no retail banners, no “click-to-buy” promotions. The site and our integrity are NOT FOR SALE. We provide only the public service of links for an individual retailer for a product to let you know its availability. We earn no fees from this information. If that policy changes, we’ll not only let our readers know, but we’ll be sure to do it in a way that does not detract from the content or interfere with presenting journalistic independence.

Lastly, I’ve mentioned in other pieces on this site that we present candor. It will always be candor about products or retailers or honest and thoughtful editorial about developments in the fragrance industry. That means that we may not like everything out there, but we’ll always be fair in explaining “why”, and we’ll stick with facts rather than resort to personally attacking individuals. We welcome respectful alternate points of view.

Scentrist is about the product, the experience, and candid direct information. Scentrist is about presenting that in a very clear manner that respects the reader’s time and background.
Scentrist is philosophically different from the ground up because we aren’t part of an elitist “fragrance community”. Rather, all of us are a part of a global fragrance community that shuns elitism and celebrates our views on scent.

Welcome to Scentrist.

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